Reclaimed landscapes (paesaggi di bonifica) are fragile ecosystems, now and in the future, increasingly exposed to the effects of climate change. Climate change will impact these landscapes not only from an ecological and economic perspective, but also on the communities that inhabit them. There is an urgent need for reflection on the possible futures of reclamation landscapes to outline approaches and methodologies in which mitigation and adaptation to climate change will lead to scenarios of sustainable development.

With this goal in mind, we will look at two emblematic Mediterranean landscapes, Metaponto and Ravenna, which are interpreted as holograms of coastal reclaimed landscapes’ complexity and representative of the economic, ecological and social asymmetries that a changing climate will contribute to exacerbate. In the future, they may serve as prototypes for resilient regeneration in the face of climate change.

The Florida Institute for Built Environment Resilience (FIBER) and the Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei (FEEM) have started a collaboration to coalize expertise to address climate challenges in the selected territories.

The first action will be a series of workshops in fall 2023 and a symposium in Matera in June 2024. Our hope is to create a hub where different expertise and local stakeholders can meet to exchange experiences and ideas for reflections on possible future scenarios. This website will develop new content after each event to share the outcomes of each discussion. We invite you to follow this project to learn more in the forthcoming months.

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